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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This is another test to make sure I actually know how to use this software, so excuse me if it looks like crap.

This is my dad, Hank, and sister, Megan. Mom, Virgina, is in the background. You can see where I get my handsome good looks and witty personality from. This photo was taken on my new camera, a Pentax k200d (it's pretty sweet). We all live in different cities in Texas, so it's not that often that we all get together. Mom and dad live in Dallas, Megan lives in Houston, and I live in College Station.

Aunt Deb visited from Kansa City

Dad dressed up and playing Wii bowling



  1. I can smell you from here. Shower up or I'll go ninja on your ass.

  2. You can smell me over the internet? Whoa, you're good. BTW, I am a ninja, not you, I have a shirt to prove it.