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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yosemite: Sufferfest 2008 pt.1

Every year my dad, friend Kyle, his dad John, and I take a backcountry trip to a national park in the US. John (60 next year) coined the term "sufferfest," a fitting name. The old guys suffer alot more than the young guys. We stopped by Yosemite after a a week of backpacking in Sequoia National Forest. The weather was picture perfect the whole trip. I will save you the labor of reading too much and stop here (really I'm just lazy). Also, I suck at the html formatting so you're getting centered photos and no text wrapping till I figure something else out. All the photos are hosted on flickr, click the photos, the "Random Photos" bar on your right, or the flickr slideshow at the very bottom of the page.

This was a very brief trip to Yosemite, so we had only time to be tourists, rather than venturing into the backcountry or onto the walls. A few more days and my trad rack (rock climbing anchors for the laymen) would have made this a great trip. For now, we were content to sit and stare while drinking overpriced Margaritas at the Awhnahee Hotel, courtesy of John.

The Awnahee Hotel in the Yosemite Valley

I apologize for the oddly sized photos, I am still trying to learn this, and I am testing out different sizes.

Half Dome from Olmsted overlook, right off the road from Tioga Pass

Half Dome from Glacier Point

El Capitan in B&W from El Capitan Meadows

Maybe one day I'll come back here with my climbing gear, more time, and hopefully stronger fingers. El Cap is a little out of my league right now, but who knows?

See a few more photos on the flick Yosemite set. For now I have a really small upload limit, so there is not much. I plan to upgrade it, so there should be more photos up eventually.

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