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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun in the San Juan's

It's cold here!

Also, the internet sucks here, so only a few photos got uploaded. I spent a few days climbing in the Ouray Ice Park. The ice is thin this year due to the heavy snowfall, which inhibits good ice devolopment. At the ice park, a group of Texas Cavers saw my bumper sticker and invited me to ski with them at Silverton Mountain. Silverton is a step up from anywhere I've ever skied; It only serves double black runs. Tommorrow will be more skiing at Teluride, and the following days will be backountry ice climbing in the Ouray area.


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  1. Boo hoo, the internet's slow up here in Frozen Mountain Heaven! I'm cold! Boo hoo! Well today I RAN OUT OF WINE. You try dealing with that sometime eh, chief?